4WD Catch Cans & Pre-filters

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With the filtration system of our catch cans, you reduce the blow by gas into your motor, ensuring the air intake is clean. You can comply with Australia's emission regulations and rules with our catch cans and pre-filtration system.

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What Can a Catch Filter Do?

A catch filter, also known as a catch can, can trap and separate oil vapour, moisture, and other contaminants from the crankcase ventilation system of a vehicle. It prevents these substances from entering the intake system, reducing carbon buildup and improving overall engine performance.

What are Catch Cans and Pre-Filters?

Catch cans and pre-filters are devices installed in the crankcase ventilation system of a vehicle. Catch cans typically collect and separate oil vapour and other contaminants. Pre-filters capture larger particles and debris before they reach the catch can or air intake system.

What are the Benefits of Using a Catch Can or Pre-Filter?

A catch can or pre-filter prevents oil and contaminants from accumulating in the intake system, reducing carbon buildup and improving engine efficiency. An oil separator is also valuable in the combustion process, maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your engine. It separates oil vapours from the crankcase gases before they can re-enter the intake system. These devices also help extend the engine's lifespan by reducing wear and tear caused by contaminants. Finally, catch cans and pre-filters can enhance fuel economy and maintain optimal performance over time.

How Often Should I Clean or Replace My Catch Can or Pre-Filter?

The frequency of cleaning or replacing a catch can or pre-filter depends on various factors, including the driving conditions and the level of contaminants in the crankcase ventilation system. It is recommended to inspect and clean the catch can or pre-filter at regular intervals, typically every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. However, referring to the manufacturer's recommendations for specific maintenance intervals is important.

How Do I Know If My Vehicle Needs a Catch Can or Pre-Filter?

There are a few indicators that your vehicle may benefit from a catch can or pre-filter. If you notice excessive oil consumption, increased carbon buildup, or reduced engine performance, it could be a sign that your crankcase ventilation system is not effectively separating contaminants. Consult a mechanic or automotive specialist to determine if installing a catch can or pre-filter is necessary for your vehicle