4WD Lighting

We are Australia's No.1 distributor of quality LED driving lights for 4×4 vehicles. 

A quality LED light helps you to confidently drive through the dark or navigate tricky paths. They prove the clarity needed as close as daylight - making them better than the regular yellow halogen lights.


Top Quality LED Driving Lights - Waterproof 

We only stock top-quality LED driving lights for your 4WD vehicles. We have LED driving lights with waterproof ratings that meet the standard.

You can browse through our website for various light bar or beam patterns available. 

At Auto Parts Co., we are particular about selling reliable driving lights built with strong durability and impact resistance features. 

Buy 4WD lighting that lasts today!


Quality Fittings and Accessories

We have various fitting and light accessories that you may need to fit or fix your car lighting.

Need something more specific or customised? Reach out to us today!


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Benefits of Using LED Lighting Equipment for 4WD Vehicles?

Beyond solving visibility issues when you are off-roading, LED lighting is best for your 4WD vehicles for several reasons. A LED driving light lasts longer than halogen lights. It also uses less power and runs cooler than halogen.

With less warm-up time and no messy external blasts, LED driving lights have the performance required for 4WD vehicles. The driving lights can enhance the pleasure of your off-road camping adventures.


What are the Best Types of Lights to Use for Off-Roading in a 4WD Vehicle?

The best type of driving light to use for off-roading in your 4WD vehicles is the IP69K-certified or the IP68 driving light. These types of light have protection against dust and water.

At Auto Parts Co, you can get these driving lights for your 4WD cars. Get the best 4WD lighting from us!


What Kind of Warranty or Guarantee Do I Have for my 4WD Lighting Equipment?

Every guarantee in the Australian Consumer Law covers our 4WD lighting. If there are any major damages or losses in the materials of the lights, you will receive a replacement or refund.

You can check out our returns policy to learn more about all the warranties we provide for our driving lights.


What Types of Automotive Lights Do You Offer?

At Auto Parts Co, we offer different types of driving lights. You can get light bars, light bulbs, conversion kits, and other accessories that aid your visibility while driving.

You will discover that having good 4WD lighting in Australia can change the atmosphere of your off-road camping trips. Buy one 4WD LED driving light today!


How Long Do 4WD Lighting Bulbs Typically Last?

Generally, 4WD LED lighting bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours. These long-lasting lighting bulbs mean you can enjoy bright light throughout your trip.

With our LED light bar and bulbs consuming less energy, you will have power on your camping trips for longer.

Get one of our powerful LED lights now!

100cm X-Strip Canopy Lighting Kit

100cm X-Strip Canopy Lighting Kit


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30 Degree Base X-Range

30 Degree Base X-Range


30cm Dual Color X-Strip Light

30cm Dual Color X-Strip Light